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Sonia Loses 112 pounds in 9 months at Carolinas Weight Loss Institute

Bariatric level weight loss but without bariatric surgery or any other invasive procedures; Physiological approach, safe, and effective, leading to sustainable weight loss that turns into a life style change.

112 lbs weight loss in 9 months? It is possible!

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112 lbs and counting. In 9 months, with 3 of our 8 week active phase protocols.

3 digit weight loss is possible. While it’s not a weekly occurrence that a patient reaches 100+ pounds in our clinics, we encounter 3 digit weight loss often, and when we do, we fuss a little extra.

Sonia, words cannot express our feeling of pride and honor to be part of your incredible life style change. You ARE doing it! You look amazing! Looking forward to the next update.

How - The CWLI Approach:
Physician developed and administered, scientifically based approach, individualized to your own metabolic needs.

Specifics: Individualized whole food nutrition plans combined with targeted supplementation to address hormonal and chemical imbalances responsible for metabolic slow down.

No surgery of any kind, no stimulants or shots and no dangerous fasts or fad diets.

- Dr. Lidia Adkins, CFMP, DC, PKT
Founder and CEO of the Carolinas Weight Loss Institute