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Why Do Patients Choose Us?

There are many reasons the patients put their trust into our Institute and choose our unique approach to weight loss.

  • Because our patients lose weight safely. Dr. Adkins is trained in functional medicine and she assesses the unique metabolic needs of each patient to help them overcome their weight loss challenges.
  • Because our weight loss treatment targets the “stubborn fat” areas such us the hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. Where and how your body stores fat is a function of various metabolic and hormone imbalances. Dr. Adkins’ approach is tailored to each individuals unique needs.
  • Because our plan is unique and we address the keys to long-term success weight loss. Our plan is safe and it incorporates a comprehensive anti inflammatory low calorie diet to improve health, reduce whole body inflammation and maximize the weight loss process.
  • Because we understand that every person’s physiology is unique and the weight gain can be caused by different factors. That is why when needed, we utilize advanced laboratory testing to identify markers for chronic disease, adrenal stress/insufficiency, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity and nutritional deficiencies. Through the research of Dr. Adkins, the tests that we recommend form the basis of our weight loss programs. They help patients identify early warning signs of diseases and confirm clinical diagnoses based on health history and symptoms.
  • Because our plans are affordable and we offer payment plans if necessary.
  • Because our patients are supervised by our physician during the active tratment phase. Our practice provides weekly support, encouragement, and motivation.
  • Because once our patients reach their their weight loss goals we coach them through the Maintenance Plan. We provide guidelines that help them live a well balanced and healthy life style that prevents relapses and set backs. Our focus is on achieving healthy weight loss with long term effects!
  • Most importantly, we care for and listen to our patients. We know that many doctors practically herd you in and out of their office and never take the time to help you understand why you feel the way you do and how the treatment is going to ultimately help you feel and function better. We take a partnership approach to health care and want you to play an integral role in your weight loss treatment.