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Why Does Our Body Store Fat In The First Place?

Thank you for stopping by our website. What you see below is a series of emails I wrote explaining the real reason's our body stores fat and how we can use this knowledge to your advantage.

The reason most weight loss programs fail in the long run is they fail to understand the fundamental reason why our body stores fat in the first place.

Most “experts” think fat storage works like a long term savings account.

They think that our body takes excess calories and stashes them away inside our cells as fat. The fat is stored inside the Savings Account (fat cells) until we really need to use those extra calories someday.

Most diet programs and experts think we can tap into this savings account and use this stored fat by restricting calories or exercise. Basically artificially creating a scenario where our body is calorie deprived and force it to burn that stored fat.

The problem with this theory is: IT IS COMPLETELY FALSE!

Plain and simply our body doesn't work this way.

Our fat cells are not like a long term savings account, permanently locked inside the cell until we need it or are calorie deprived.

Fat is actually continuously moving in and our of our cells and circulating around the body to be used for fuel. If we don't use for fuel it returns to the fat cells.

This process happens no matter what … regardless if we have recently eaten or exercised.

So in any 24 hour period, fat from your cells are going to provide a significant portion of the fuel your cells will burn for energy.

If that is the case then why do experts like to tell us that somehow carbohydrates are the preferred fuel for your body?

Tune in tomorrow and I will tell you why experts and nutritionists hold the false belief that carbohydrates are the bodies preferred fuel.

Until Next Time,

Dr. Lidia Adkins

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P.S. I didn't answer the question of why we store fat in the first place yet. It is hard to understand until we break through some of these myths and false beliefs about weight loss. It is coming soon I promise. Be sure to open tomorrow's email.

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