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We Believe In Sustainable Weight Loss

One reason CWLI looks at the underlying cause of weight gain, is because we believe in sustainable weight loss. While some causes of gain are linked simply to a calorie deficit matter, the majority of the cases we see are linked to underlying conditions that cause weight loss resistance.

That means, the person eats clean, works out regularly, is in calorie deficit and yet, there is very little or no weight loss progress.

The causes of weight loss resistance can vary. It can be a simple inflammatory trigger, body inflammation or something more complex such as an auto-immunity, cardiovascular, kidney or endocrine condition.

In all cases, we adjust the protocol accordingly, and when needed, we collaborate with other professionals to ensure our patients receive the best support.

So friends, if you feel stuck at weight loss, don’t give up on yourself. Continue to search for answers, reach out for help and learn how to best advocate for your own health.


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